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Ratcliffe, TX - A woman in Texas says she's convinced she's found a real live chupacabra.  Experts have yet to positively identify the creature found Sunday in the woods in back of the Stock house.By Julie Roy

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Bigfoot Has Free Speech RIghts

By Lynne Tuohy CONCORD, N.H. - The New Hampshire Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Bigfoot’s right to romp around Mount Monadnock - and against a state regulation governing special events at parks. The court ruled unanimously yesterday that the language of the regulation is so broad it wou
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Giant 'serpent-like sea creature' caught on camera!

There's something undoubtedly fishy about this footage of a 'serpent-like' sea creature gliding through the waters of an Icelandic river. The video, captured last week by Hjörtur Kjerúlf, shows a mysterious creature swimming through the cold water of the glacial river Jö
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The Mystery of the Invisible Creatures in Washington State, Mid 1980s

While living in Washington State in the late 1980s my family and I went camping on the Columbia River near Kalama, WA. The nuclear power plant along the Oregon side of the river was fully visible from the campground. We did not think anything of it at the time. During the first night, the sky was cl
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Do We Need To Kill Bigfoot?

Does 'Finding Bigfoot' Mean Killing a Sasquatch? by Tom Rose Season 2 of Finding Bigfoot is much the same as season 1. So far, despite Matt Moneymaker declaring definitively there is such a creature as Sasquatch, there is still no tangible evidence. What's it gonna take? A dead bo
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Is the Tasmanian Tiger Alive?

Analysis by Benjamin Radford Two bike-riding brothers noticed something odd near a creek in northern Tasmania about a week ago. Levi and Jarom Triffitt, members of a stunt trail bike team, found what seemed to be a strange skull and jawbone. They claimed to have found the skull of a strange animal
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Here be dragons

Stories by ROUWEN LIN star2@thestar.com.my The winged, scaly, fire-breathing beast has captured the hearts of young and old, east and west. THERE is a dragon living on our doorstep, up in the mountain and deep in the jungle of Borneo. The majestic beast guards a gem the size of a peafowl&rsq
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The political implications of Sasquatch

By AARON SAGERS When it comes to Sasquatch, ignore Mitt Romney. Even though the Republican presidential candidate called him a "hoax" in Monday's GOP primary debate in Myrtle Beach, S.C., Bigfoot is big business - or at least the search for him is.      The Jan. 1
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Panther-like beast is spotted in Ripley area of UK

THE LID has been lifted on Ripley and Heanor’s own X-Files after an investigation by the News.  A Freedom of Information Request put in to Derbyshire police has unearthed a number of strange 999 calls in the area over the last five years. And the findings show that the villages around
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The Search For Sasquatch

Sasquatch is a subject matter that gets a reaction from people that runs to either extreme with no middle ground between believers and skeptics. I'm sure there has been times that someone has dressed up in an ape costume then walked along a darkened highway. There are cases of mistaken identity
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Is there a 7-foot-tall man-like creature in Kentucky?

By Roger Marsh, UFO Examiner The 'creature' moved quickly and was seen for only a few seconds. Image unrelated to story: Frame 352 from the Patterson-Gimlin film, alleged by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin to show a Bigfoot, and by some others to show a man in an ape suit. Cred


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