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Ratcliffe, TX - A woman in Texas says she's convinced she's found a real live chupacabra.  Experts have yet to positively identify the creature found Sunday in the woods in back of the Stock house.By Julie Roy

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Lair of the Beasts: Real Monsters – In Print

Creatures of the Dark Side By Nick Redfern  Within the realm of paranormal writing, the name of Brad Steiger is absolutely legendary. Having penned more than 170 books on everything ranging from other worldly UFOs to blood sucking vampires, and from flesh eating zombies to gho
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Boy Films Bigfoot in his Backyard

Roger Marsh UFO Examiner October 16, 2010, Bigfoot video is analyzed in this new upload from YouTube user SasquatchWatcher. Interesting piece of video. Take a look for yourself.   Click here or on photo above to watch video You can watch the v
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Lancashire’s mysterious lake monster – latest update!

Lancashire’s mysterious lake monster – latest update!  By Pat Regan Back in November of last year I captured video footage of something inexplicable, moving erratically just below the surface of an old lake. This was the article that first appeared on UFO Digest:
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Proving The Sasquatch Exists

By Ron Murdock ronmurdock73@yahoo.ca The existence of Sasquatch is one thing I'd like to see proven beyond a doubt. But until then hoping they do exist and proving it are two different matters. I do believe in the probability that Sasquatch, Yeti and similar creatures around the wo
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Is The Chupacabra A Creation Of Sci-fi thriller?

By Lyubov Lulko Pravda.Ru Benjamin Radford, an author of books about monsters and paranormal phenomena, believes that he disproved the existence of the mysterious creature known as Chupacabra. Radford found the first witness, a woman, who gave the first-ever description of the predato
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Lancashire’s mysterious lake monster

Strange video footage sparks questions By Pat Regan   First Nessie; but what is this moving along in a deep, cold Lancashire Lake? You have all heard of the Loch Ness Monster, consequently is this footage of Lancashire's very own answer to 'Nessie.'  I
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Homo Orcus, Wild Man of the Pyrenees

By Scott Corrales UFO Digest Latin America Correspondent Homo Orcus, Wild Man of the Pyrenees By Javier Resines On April 1, 2011, Planete, the French TV network, will be presenting a “mockumentary” on the wild man of the Pyrnees, whom they have given the moniker H
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Something Lurks

    By Louis Hart Does a creature lurk below the surface of Lake Tahoe? It’s a big, blue lake.  The water is cold and deep.  Very deep.  In some places the bottom is over 1,600 feet below the surface.  Due to icy temperatures and the purity
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Russian University Setup to Study Yeti

Russia is setting up a university research institute to study the Yeti after a spate of claimed recent sightings in Siberia. Scientists say they have found 15 witnesses in the past year who gave statements that they saw the Abominable Snowman in one remote area . 'We spoke to local re
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Relaunch of MonsterTracker.com Coincides with Sighting of South Bay Bessie

NEWS RELEASE: Port Colborne, Ontario Canada: Dirk Vander Ploeg, publisher of MonsterTracker.com was in contact with a gentleman from Hamilton, Ontario Canada, during the summer of 2010, that claims to have spotted and subsequently videotaped the seldom seen, very elusive, monster of Lake Erie


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