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Monsters Creating Monsters?

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I love the History channel's Ancient Aliens; this article isn't a criticism against the program, but I found two segments in the recent episode: Aliens and Monsters, aired August 4th, disturbing.  I understand the episode's context: they included two segments concerning "Dr. Evils" as part of that program's speculations concerning alien manipulation of humans and animals, resulting in hybrids monsters and entities that we call myth today. Nonetheless, those two segments were extremely disturbing.  I couldn't look at those images of animals abused in this way and I'm not including images of these experiments in this article. (You can easily find related information and images by Googling.) 

I'm referring to experiments done, not by extraterrestrials,  but by humans. One such experiment was conducted by a Soviet Union scientist, Dr. Vladimir Demikhov, who took the head of a dog and transplanted it onto the body of another dog, creating a two headed dog. In fact, Dr. Demikhov did several of these experiments, as many as twenty. Dr. Charles Gutheries in the United States also transplanted the head of a dog onto the body of a different dog.


We may think of these experiments as being fairly new. Cloning, genetic manipulations, and July's news of scientists in the UK growing human-animal hybrids are recent. But the two headed dog experiment was in the 1950s. According to Wikipedia, China transplanted the head of a monkey onto the body of another monkey in 1963. And in 1959, China announced they had also transplanted the head of a dog. Remember this image of a human ear grown onto a mouse? 


All manner of experiments by science concerning the manipulation of creatures and the resultant creation of new entities are being done all the time, and the mainstream news media picks up on many of these as almost a form of  entertainment. Science porn. From somewhat benign it's- cool-to-watch-them-glow-in-the-dark experiments using pigs and dogs (and rabbits, as art) as subjects, injected with  jellyfish genes, to the far more horrific -- two headed dogs, etc. -- something within humanity impels us to manipulate, create, tweak and abuse animals in the name of "science." It's one thing (though still controversial and full of ethical and moral questions) to do these things for a supposed greater good -- finding cures for diseases, for example. It's another issue when we do these things basically because we can.


We see a rash of hairless canine type creatures with odd colored skin appearing throughout the United States where no such creatures were seen before, call them by a popular folklore moniker -- chupacabra -- and kill them on sight. We find carcasses of weird looking creatures washed up on shore near an infamous entity: Montauk, and our minds, fueled by that ever present MSM, go to Dr. Evils doing henious things to animals and possibly, humans. This is not to say however that in the latter case, such scenarios are simply silly conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, it's quite possible -- quite -- such things are indeed going on. For example, many reserachers, including UFO Digest publisher Dirk Vander Ploeg have written about Stalin's mandate to Russia's scientists to create a "super solider:"

"I want a new invincible human being, insensitive to pain, resistant and indifferent about the quality of food they eat." ~ Stalin (source: Stalin's half-man, half-ape Super Soldier Origins and History of Human DNA Manipulation, Dirk Vander Ploeg, UFO Digest.)

Those experiments included the attempts to breed humans and chimpanzees.


(A side bar here: two bits of synchronicity. As I was writing this article, I was looking for the link to the History channel for the Ancient Aliens episode. I went instead to the Sy Fy channel by mistake, where the first screen pops up with the title for a Warehouse 13 episode: "Of Monsters and Men." Then I do a search for the Stalin story, the first thing that comes up is the link to Dirk's article, which, I realized after writing this, he had written today!)


As to the trigger happy "chupacabra" hunters, it's not a matter of monsters in our midst, but humans killing something that is unfamiliar, and therefore scary. The response to the unknown: shoot to kill.


Did aliens manipulate humans and non-human animals to create creatures to horrify and control us, as the Ancient Aliens episode speculated? Who knows. Today of course those scientists in labs are not manipulating living entities to control a population. Most of them will tell you they are doing it to help, not harm, humanity. But at what cost? Is there a sinister agenda behind some of these experiments? In the case of the "original" chupacabra -- the red eyed, high jumping, spiny backed, clawed bipedal creature reported in mainly Latin countries -- many speculated that the creature was the result of a man made experiment gone awry. Either set loose intentionally (the whys of such an act only brings up more speculation) or an escapee. In the case of the chupacabra, it is interesting that reports of the "monster" have virtually disappeared. It could be theorized the creature was caught, or died, which would explain the lack of sightings.


Maybe the aliens did create hybrids to control us, which would certainly make them monsters as well.  If so, they had both the innate desire and knowledge to do so. But what about us humans, who are doing the same? And where did we get that innate desire to do so?


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