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  • Ratcliffe, TX - A woman in Texas says she's convinced she's found a real live chupacabra.  Experts have yet to positively identify the creature found Sunday in the woods in back of the Stock house....
  • Publsher's Note: I found this article in my Google Alerts and its subject to the sightings of three chupacabras seen Texas over the last two weeks. The article appeared on the Examiner.com website...
  • by Osvaldo Murray(From Revista Revelación, Santiago de Chile, May 1996 pages 10-13)There are some incredible stories, and this is one of them. So incredible that not even I believe it, but the facts...
  • Publisher's Note: I found this article tucked away in my Google Alerts and thought I would share with you. The photo is pretty impressive and definity shows a weird creature, could be simply a...
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  • Remember last year's terrible video of an alleged Bigfoot crossing the road in North Carolina? Based on new footage, it appears that the creature has moved on to Idaho. 
  • Publisher's Note: Came across this story in my Google Alerts. Thought it would be of some interest.By Justin Engel
  • Chupacabras in Parácuaro, MichoacánBy Arq. Claudio Mora, La Esfera Azulhttp://acusticavisual.net/grupolaesferaazul(With thanks to journalist Martha Flores Rodríguez for her cooperation)
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  • Is the 'Texas Blue Dog' a Chupacabra? by Tom Rose A stuffed and mounted dog with blue skin and eyes may revive the legend of the Chupacabra in the Southwest after the myth was largely debunked last...
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  • Bigfoot and the Lizard Man are two of the most elusive beasts to hide from the human eye--so why are they getting so much attention in our state? Well, the fact of the matter is that some South...

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Witness Sees The Montauk Monster

Dirk Vander Ploeg's picture

by Angelina Fedorova


Chupacabra: A flying, blood-sucking kangaroo?
Artist's impression of a Chupacabra

Many mysteries of the previous century had been unraveled by the beginning of the current century. The Loch Ness Monster has been officially recognized dead, those who still believe in the existence of Big Foot and Chupacabra make the minority. The term ‘cryptozoology,’ which Belgian zoologist Bernard Heuvelmans introduced at the end of the 1950s, becomes history slowly but surely.

Both common people and scientists used to be greatly interested in the existence of mysterious animals. A photograph or a video tape would always make headlines in many newspapers and provoke vivid discussions all over the globe.

In addition to widely recognized “stars” like giant apes and lake monsters, there also were sea lizards, giant squids, snake-birds and even dinosaurs.

The extensive list of cryptids – the animals, which no one has ever spotted – particularly includes the Jackalope – a hybrid of an antelope and a rabbit, the Jersey Devil – a winged creature with a long neck, as well as numerous analogues of the Loch Ness Monster – the Mokele Mbembe reptile from Africa, the Champ and the Ogopoga (lake animals) from North America.

All these stories seem to be nothing more but modern fairy tales. However, there is a reason, which makes official science pay attention to cryptids. Serious biologists have made quite a number of real discoveries on the base of anecdotes and folklore of residents of various countries. The list of such successes includes the discovery of gorillas in 1847 (the mountain gorilla was discovered in 1902), the giant panda in 1869, the okapi (a short-necked type of giraffe) in 1901, the giant monitor lizard, or the Komodo Dragon in 1912, the bonobo (the Pygmy Chimpanzee) in 1929, the megamouth shark in 1976 and the giant gecko in 1984.


One Legend Found, Many Still to Go
A live giant squid (Architeuthis) measuring roughly 25 feet (8 meters) long attacks a baited fishing line off the Ogasawara Islands. Japanese scientists recently released the first-ever images of a live giant squid in the wild. Their series of photos offers clues about the way giant squid swim and hunt in the deep ocean.

The capture of Latimeria, or Coelacanth - the oldest living lineage of gnathostomata known to date – became an outstanding achievement of the kind in 1938. It was previously believed that the ancient fish had become extinct during the Cretaceous period.


Discoveries of previously unknown species of insects and bacteria are published in scientific magazines on a regular basis, although this does not seem to be that interesting to the general public.

A weird creature has recently been found on USA’s Montauk coast. The dead animal resembled a dog or a coyote, but had a very strange beak. The beast was soon dubbed as the Montauk Monster. US biologists, who examined the body, stated that the creature was not known to science. Newsday quoted William Wise, the director of Stony Brook University's Living Marine Resources Institute, who also tried to comment the photograph.


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