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Abominable Snowman/Yeti

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 Hunting for an elusive sasquatch mask revered by a British Columbia First Nation has been a 16-year journey for James Leon, taking him through London, Boston, New York and Ottawa. In the end, all it took was a question to the lady sitting next to him at a Vancouver event to lead him to hi
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Burying The Yeti Myth

I found this article written by Atul Sethi exploring the recent expedition to discover and communicate with the Yeti. The article was published on the Internet on The Times Of India website. Dirk Is it time to bury the yeti myth? Nikolai Valuev is 7 ft tall and weighs almost 146 kg. A few months a
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Big Foot and the Lizard Man

Bigfoot and the Lizard Man are two of the most elusive beasts to hide from the human eye--so why are they getting so much attention in our state? Well, the fact of the matter is that some South Carolina residents swear that they've seen one (or both) of the two creatures--with their own eyes. E
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Siberian Kemerovo region claims evidence of yetis

By natashakeight The Yeti has been a thing of fantasy for hundreds of years. The cryptozoological puzzle of Sasquatch and Yeti has long been a thing of puzzle. A group of experts were invited to Russia to search for proof of the yeti. As reported by the regional government, evidence of the yeti has
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Where Creatures Lurk

Publisher's Note: Every week I receive the Conspiracy Journal newsletter which lists many amazing stories from some truly talented writers, some even from UFO Digest. Dirk By Nick Redfern     It is one thing to receive reports of a strange creature – whether Bigfoot,
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‘Ningen’ Humanoid Sea Creatures of the Antarctic

Over the past few years, rumors have circulated in Japan about the existence of gigantic humanoid life-forms inhabiting the icy waters of the Antarctic. Reportedly observed on multiple occasions by crew members of government-operated "whale research" ships, these so-called "Nin
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Lair of the Beasts: Real Monsters – In Print

Creatures of the Dark Side By Nick Redfern  Within the realm of paranormal writing, the name of Brad Steiger is absolutely legendary. Having penned more than 170 books on everything ranging from other worldly UFOs to blood sucking vampires, and from flesh eating zombies to gho
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Russian University Setup to Study Yeti

Russia is setting up a university research institute to study the Yeti after a spate of claimed recent sightings in Siberia. Scientists say they have found 15 witnesses in the past year who gave statements that they saw the Abominable Snowman in one remote area . 'We spoke to local re


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