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Fear of the Unknown: Another Hairless Creature Killed

Yet one more story of a "chupacabra" shot and killed. This time in Texas, by a 13 year old, who killed because he didn't know what it was: "Carter Pope, 13, said he walked toward the four-legged fanged animal shaking, not sure what it was before he fired off three shots
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The Lordsburg Door

  <Edited by Robert D. Morningstar> A chunk of Chupacabra jerky posing as an old man stopped swigging his mezcal and lemonade long enough to watch the pterosaur dive-bomb his front lawn. "Second time, today," the faded fossil mused to himself. The creaky rel
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Fantasma Colorado

"The Devil killed her, I tell you! It was the Devil, himself!" the hysterical woman shrieked. The damsel in distress collapsed in her husband's arms, as the man gazed outside at the mangled, female body. The front yard was bleached with blood. Blood and a pureed hand, or maybe
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Lair of the Beasts: Real Monsters – In Print

Creatures of the Dark Side By Nick Redfern  Within the realm of paranormal writing, the name of Brad Steiger is absolutely legendary. Having penned more than 170 books on everything ranging from other worldly UFOs to blood sucking vampires, and from flesh eating zombies to gho
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Is The Chupacabra A Creation Of Sci-fi thriller?

By Lyubov Lulko Pravda.Ru Benjamin Radford, an author of books about monsters and paranormal phenomena, believes that he disproved the existence of the mysterious creature known as Chupacabra. Radford found the first witness, a woman, who gave the first-ever description of the predato
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Exanguinated Sheep in Veracruz Mexico

By Scott Corrales MonsterTracker Latin America Correspondent   Source: NOTIVER Date: 18 March 2011 Mexico: Exsanguinated Sheep in Veracruz By Ana Luisa Cid   The NOTIVER newspaper reported on the incidents that took place at a ranch in the community of L
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Cryptozoology and Popular Culture in Spain

By Scott Corrales UFO Digest Latin America Correspondent Spain’s cinema of the fantastic has upheld a lengthy and curious relationship with the subject the we cover in our blog, which happens to be cryptozoology. As we know, all manner of unknown monsters have appeared in Spanish
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Montana Disturbing Cow Mutilation Evokes Past Mysteries

By KIM SKORNOGOSKI • Tribune Staff Writer  There were just a few drops of blood around the cow — hardly what was expected considering the tongue and udder were removed and the flesh and tissue scraped clean to the bone. In the days before its death, the cow showed no signs


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