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Lake Erie

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Lake Erie Monster Caught On Video?

By Dirk Vander Ploeg During the summer of 2010, I was contacted by a gentleman, who used the first name Rob, who stated he lived in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. This person claims to have spotted and subsequently videotaped the seldom seen, very elusive, monster of Lake Erie, affectionately know
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Short History of Lake Erie Sightings

  First reported Bessie sighting July 7, 1817 The French settlers along the lake shore, in Erie township, Ottawa county, a few miles east of here, were surprised and amazed last night over the appearance of an unknown fish of mammal size. Two brothers named Dusseau, both fishermen,
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Interview of John Kraft concerning Bessie Sighting

Editor's Note: I had the opportunity of interviewing John Kraft at his home by phone in the summer of 2001. Dirk Vander Ploeg This is the photograph John Kraft shot. MonsterTracker: Can you tell me John when you saw Bessie? John: I belive it was in 1991 in July. MonsterTr
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Bessie Caught On Tape

BESSIE CAUGHT ON TAPE George Repicz believes he has captured some sort of animal swiming in Lake Erie. We are trying to get a copy of the videotape. If you know someone who has a copy please contact the editor. "In July 1991 my family and I spent a week at a family camp on Kelle
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Is there a Bigfoot - Lake Erie Monster Connection?

Believing in BigfootBy Chuck KlostermanBeacon Journal staff writerBeacon Journal | Akron, Ohio | March 24, 1999Editor's Note: Is there a connection between lake monsters and bigfoot? Bessie is usually spotted toward the south-west end of Lake Erie, in Ohio. Is it mere coincidence that bigfoot ha
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Sightings of Lake Erie's (South Bay) Bessie

Sightings   Bessie Caught On Video George Repicz believes he has captured some sort of animal swimming in Lake Erie. The footage is barely recognizable, but does show something in the water. Please pay attention to the first few seconds of the clip.   Exclusive in
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The History of the Lake Erie Monster

19th CENTURY SIGHTINGS On page 484 of the "Museum of Natural Sciences", under October 1817 we find the following references: The shores of Lake Erie have remained the same for hundreds of years. 4. Lake Erie Serpent. It appears that even large lakes have huge serpents

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