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Sea Monsters

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Publisher's Note: Found this article in Google Alerts and thought to share with our readers. I olove a good seamonter story anywhere. This article was posted on the New Discovery.com website. Article continues below on their website. Enjoy Dirk Deep under the waves of a long lost ocean ther
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Publisher Note: I just received this Google Alert  that featured seamonster articles, The following article was posted on the LiveScience website and features one of the scariest monsters ever to exist. It still may swim in our deepest oceans Dirk.By Tia Ghose Megalodon, the most massive s
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Giant Squid Found Dead

By Scott Corrales Latin America Correspondent Source: Criptozoología en España Date: 23 August 2011 Spain: Giant Squid Found Dead South of Tenerife By Javier Resines A camera crew recording the dolphin colony that occupies the waters to the south of Tenerife (Canary Is
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Ancient Chroniclers of Mystery

By Scott Corrales Latin America Correspondent Javier Resines’s article on the Spanish kraken that terrorized the vicinity of Cadiz during the Roman Era prompted recollections of readings about “antiquarians” from the ancient world, who laboriously jotted down all of t
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Cryptozoology: The First Documented Case?

From Scott Corrales UFO DIgest Latin America Correspondent By Javier Resines Any discipline worth its salt has a more or less well defined point of departure, based upon a specific event or the presence of a given researcher or any other reason. This situation can be hard to
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Tales of Monsters From the Deep

A diver conducting an investigation of Geirþjófsfjörður believes he may have found evidence of a sea monster living in the fjord. Árni Kópsson told Vísir that he sent a deep sea camera into the bottom of the fjord to record what may be in one of the
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Con Rit – The Great Sea Centipede

Con Rit – The Great Sea Centipede by Daniel Couzins Posted: 15:00 October 12, 2007   Image created by Kryptid. Permission granted to use in any way desired.   The volume of the world’s oceans are beyond the stretch of most imaginations at 1.
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One Legend Found, Many Still to Go

One Legend Found, Many Still to Go by William J. Broad A live giant squid (Architeuthis) measuring roughly 25 feet (8 meters) long attacks a baited fishing line off the Ogasawara Islands. Japanese scientists recently released the first-ever images of a live
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The Science of Sea Monsters

By Benjamin Radford Sea monsters are in the news and on television like never before. NBC has a hit show on Monday nights with "Surface," about a huge, terrifying aquatic creature, and sea monsters grace the cover of the December 2005 issue of National Geographic. Scientists wo
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The Defunct Spanish Society for Cryptozoology

The Defunct Spanish Society for Cryptozoology By Scott Corrales Latin America Correspondent Source: Criptozoologia en España Date: January 15, 2011 The Defunct Spanish Society for Cryptozoology By Javier Resines The Sociedad Española de Criptozoolog&iac


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