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Thunder Birds

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Thunderbird sighting reported in Alaskan newspaper

By Dale Cooper So, shifting away this week from the legend of thunderbirds toward actual reported sightings of the creatures, I started with the question: Where was the most recent, credible sighting reported? I surveyed a few different paranormal and cryptozoology blogs looking for stor
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The Mysterious Thunderbird Photograph

Upon searching the electronic archives of the Internet, you're bound to find some version of "it." In fact, numerous people are certain they've uncovered "it." They just can't recall where they saw "it." So, what the hell is "it?" A phot
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Lair of the Beasts: Real Monsters – In Print

Creatures of the Dark Side By Nick Redfern  Within the realm of paranormal writing, the name of Brad Steiger is absolutely legendary. Having penned more than 170 books on everything ranging from other worldly UFOs to blood sucking vampires, and from flesh eating zombies to gho
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Strange Animal Kills and Exsanguinates Prey in Mexico

Source: El Heraldo de Chihuahua Date: 02.27.11 ** Three attacks in one week in Chihuahua, Mexico** The first incident was recorded in the early hours of 16 February with 12 dead sheep and others with severe wounds. The affected party stated that his animals were in a pen
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The Biggest, Baddest Thunderbird of Them All

  by Brad Steiger (Copyright 2008, Brad Steiger - All Rights Reserved) American Indian Thunderbird March 2008 reports of strange, flying creatures in Chile and other areas of South America, coupled with the November 2007 sighting made b

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