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<font face="Arial" color="Black">For users of client email programs such as Outlook Express, click <A href="mailto:publisher@ufodigest.com?subject= &body=Full%20Name:%0D%0AEmail%20Address:%0D%0ADisplay%20Name:%0D%0AName%20of%20photo:%0D%0ALocation:%20%0D%0ADate%20of%20incident:%0D%0A%0D%0AWould%20you%20like%20to%20have%20your%20email%20address%20included%20on%20the%20page?%20(Note:%20You%20may%20wish%20to%20consider%20setting%20up%20a%20separate%20free%20email%20account%20with%20a%20service%20like%20Yahoo%20or%20Hotmail%20to%20handle%20the%20replies.%20If%20so,%20please%20state%20that%20email%20address%20below)%0D%0A%0D%0A%0D%0ADescription%20of%20incident:%0D%0A%0D%0A%0D%0A%0D%0D%0A%0D%0A%0D%0A%0A%0D%0A%0D%0A%0D%0A%0AI%20certify%20that%20I%20am%20the%20author%20or%20sole%20owner%20of%20the%20material%20I%20am%20submitting%20to%20UFODigest.com.%20UFODigest.com%20may%20reproduce,%20distribute,%20publish,%20display,%20edit,%20modify,%20create%20derivative%20works%20and%20otherwise%20use%20the%20material%20for%20any%20purpose,%20in%20any%20form%20on%20UFODigest.com%20or%20other%20media%20without%20compensation%20to%20me.%20I%20agree%20to%20indemnify%20%20UFODigest.com%20for%20all%20damages%20and%20expenses%20that%20may%20be%20incurred%20in%20connection%20with%20the%20material.%0A%0A%0ADon't%20forget%20to%20attach%20your%20image."><B>here</b></A>.

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Users of web-based email services such as Yahoo and Hotmail, please copy and paste the following release in your email, to be considered for use on the website,or any other purpose:
<h2>Monster Tracker.com E-mail Contribution Release</h2>
First Name:<br>
Last Name:<br>
Email Address:<br>
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Display Nickname<br>
Would you like to have your email address included on the page? (Note: You may wish to consider setting up a separate free email account with a service like Yahoo or Hotmail to handle the replies. If so, please state that email address below) (Choose one)<br>
Yes, please include my email address on the page<br>
No, please keep my email address private<br>
Name of photo:<br>

Description and Date of incident: <Br> <BR> <BR>
Location: <Br> <BR> <BR>
I certify that I am the author or sole owner of the material I am submitting to Monster Tracker.com. Monster Tracker.com and its licensees may reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works and otherwise use the material for any purpose, in any form on Monster Tracker.com or other media without compensation to me. I agree to indemnify Monster Tracker.com for all damages and expenses that may be incurred in connection with the material.
COMPLETE the required information in your email window, add your photo as an ATTACHMENT and SEND the completed email to <A href="mailto:submissions@ufodigest.com">submissions@ufodigest.com</A><br>
You may&nbsp;submit an article with your photos. Submission does not insure use on Monster Tracker.com. If you have further questions, please <a href = "mailto:publisher@ufodigest.com">contact us</a>.<BR>
Thank you! <br clear=all></font><br><br>

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