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There are those of you who will believe my story and those of you who will not. This story is true and I thought that I would share it with all of you. 

Normally I would write about UFOs and not about Cryptids but I felt that this story should be shared as it has had a big impact on my life.

I have actually seen a Bigfoot when I was a kid. All that I saw was its face peering through a window . There is a Mountain in Massachusetts known as MT Tom. Well there used to be a amusement park up there called MT Park.

My grandfather was a nightwatchman up there and he used to come home saying there are Bigfoot up there. Of course no one ever believed him as it was so

far from the norm.

He took me to work with him one evening and i was laying on a cot in the night watchman's shack. I was facing the door that had a round window. I saw a large hairy face with red brown eyes peer through the window . Its upper lip peeled back to reveal teeth and what looked like incisor fangs. I screamed and my grandfather got up with his shotgun. When he did the thing ran away and you could actually feel the vibrations of it running away. That tells me it was a very large and heavy creature. My grandfather went out and fired two shots at it. Naturally he missed and came back into the shack angry that he missed the thing yet again.

Well Mt park went bust back in the 80's and my family remained good friends with the park owners. I asked one of them one day about the Bigfoot situation up there and he confirmed that the thing would come into the park and mess with the rides. He and others witnessed the same thing. There is also a reservoir up there that had 5 Doberman's running around as guard dogs.

The Dogs were all found ripped apart in a snowy clearing. That fact came out in newspaper called the Chicopee Transcript Telegram, and nothing was ever said about it again. Additionally I had a friend who was up in a Deer stand hunting and he says that a whole family group walked right under him. Definitely something going on up there. If you were to go hiking up there you always feel as if something unseen is watching you. When in the Wood's just like anywhere else be mindful and safe, Keep eyes wide open! you never know what you will run into.

Thank you for reading,
Edward Fleming
Midwest UFO Reporting Agency.


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